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Battling Depression and Anxiety


Depression is not just temporarily feeling lonely or down. It is a long-term feeling of helplessness and anxiousness which interferes in a person’s daily functioning. Its cause is a combination of different factors such as genetics, environmental, or psychological. Some of the symptoms include having trouble falling asleep or sleeping too much, being easily frustrated, or having thoughts about suicide.

On the other hand, anxiety occurs as a symptom of depression which involves great feelings of fear, worry, or nervousness from time to time. Sometimes, this is due to excessive amount of stress and inability to respond to it properly. With ongoing extreme anxiety, this may result to an anxiety disorder which can affect your daily living.

These two may exist at the same time and some of its symptoms may overlap. In order to recognize if you have a depression or anxiety or both, one of the ways is to do a self-test by asking yourselves some questions. Further, seeking professional help is the best option for you to guide your over-all recovery.

Essential Clinic dedicates our services in addressing problems on mental health in Las Vegas, Nevada where we ensure to provide best possible and holistic care to our clients. We take into consideration their condition and give the appropriate treatment that they may need to recover from their long-term illness.

Consequently, we also specialize in family medicine where we provide continuing and comprehensive health care to individuals regardless of age, sex, race, or gender. Through our effective and personalized health plans, we ensure to help you maintain and improve your overall well-being.

To know more of our services on primary care in Nevada, you may visit our website at https://www.essentialclinicnv.com/, or reach out to us anytime at 725-241-5252. We are here to listen.

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