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Patient Testimonials

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Live a healthy and fulfilling life by partnering by staying on top of your health.
Our Mission

Our mission is to give the best possible care to our patients, so they can live healthy and productive lives. We work to make sure that they can achieve their health goals and/or recover from their illness long term.

Our Vision

We strive to serve patients from all walks of life and be known as a healthcare provider that provides them the quality care they deserve.

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Who We Are

Essential Clinic specializes in primary care, behavioral health, women’s health, men’s health, weight management, and mental health in Las Vegas, Nevada. We open our doors for patients of all ages, ensuring they get the treatment and health plan that they need to maintain or improve their overall well-being. Our healthcare professionals leverage their experience in working with the community for years, lending their expertise and up-to-date knowledge to support you in your health journey and/or recovery. Experience unparalleled care when you entrust your needs to our professionals today.

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