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Check on Your Loved One if They’re Eating Well


Food gives us energy; it fuels our bodies with the necessary nutrients to help us stay healthy and ready to function for our day-to-day activities. Essential Clinic believes that as much as the food we consume affects our body’s physical state, it can also affect our mental well-being.

While food is essential as a source of sustenance, overeating can harm a person in the long run. Balance is the key to maintaining good health, so it is crucial to practice and know the right way to weight management.

Nowadays, we are all under pressure with all the standards set up by society. People are ridiculed for having too much weight when they should be encouraged to do better for their welfare, and most of us feel the need to be thin to fit in. Sometimes, these pressures can lead to something very harmful: an eating disorder. As a family medicine provider, we are giving you the signs to look out for that indicate your loved one may have an eating disorder:

  • Coming up with excuses to get out of meal time or other situations that involve food.
  • Large amounts of food at home disappear in a short period.
  • Frequent trips to the comfort room after meals.
  • Being highly critical of their body or weight and constantly looking in the mirror.

An eating disorder can manifest in different ways: restricting themselves of food, bingeing, and purging. If you feel that your loved one has an eating disorder, it is best to seek the help of professionals for any mental health concerns through our primary care in Nevada.

You must check on your loved one to see if they’re healthy and eating well. Contact us today for more details on mental health in Las Vegas, Nevada!


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